Translation by a native speaker

An increasing number of translations companies provides translations into dozens of languages spoken around the world. In most cases translations are carried out in a traditional way, in which the translator has advanced language skills in the target language and is a native speaker of the source language. This ensures the original text is fully understood, however, reception of the translated text often sounds awkward (and therefore unprofessional) to speakers of the target language, or worse, contains fundamental linguistic errors due to incomplete understanding of the target language.
At eCORRECTOR we use a different approach whereby our translators are native speakers of the target language, which ensures the resulting translation is immediately understandable to the target readership/market and sounds natural, as would be expected if the text had been prepared within the target country. In almost all cases the source language for native speaker translations is English and we have successfully provided high quality native speaker translations into almost all European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.
What is the difference between a translation performed by any person fluent in the target language and that completed by a native speaker? The contrasts are strong. A number of translations handled by persons whose mother tongue is the source language is based on literal translation of sentences and phrases. A frequent result is an awkward sounding text, which does not make a good impression on its target readers. A native speaker provides more than a simple translation ? his or her text is localised, meaning it is natural and smooth for target readers. Translation by a native speaker will defend your text against cultural or linguistic errors (especially those noticed only by other native speakers) which may significantly affect its reception.
Translation by a native speaker

Which texts are suitable for translation by a native speaker?

Descriptions of products

Descriptions of products intended for export, including adverts, marketing and PR texts.

Teksty użytkowe

Adverts for hotels or other places where international guests form a large customer base, but also other non-literary texts which are in use, such as menus.

Teksty komercyjne

Commercial texts for publication, also intended for mass-edition print, e.g. catalogues, flyers, brochures.

Literaturę i publikacje

Scientific and professional publications in the form of a book, article, monograph, etc. Literature and non-fiction, such as documentaries or news.

Why use our translation by a native speaker service?

eCORRECTOR works with qualified native speakers and has provided professional translations and proofreading for a large base of customers and institutions from a variety of sectors.

  • Translation by a native speaker guarantees a natural-sounding text, meaning it is comprehensible and easy to read by a foreign customer or business partner.
  • Texts are devoid of faux pas related to cultural, social, regional or language-specific nuances.
  • Native speakers, since they are in constant contact with their native language, are aware of its fluctuating nature and can find a way to express the translated content in a natural and efficient way.

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Why use native speakers?

  • Frequent request of reviewers for international journals
  • Natural language for promotion of products abroad
  • Communicate your ideas clearly to the target audience or market