Customer Reviews

It has been a pleasure to work with the team of eCORRECTOR, particularly with Justyna. They are very collaborative, responsive, and understanding of customer needs. I can highly recommend their services.

Prof. Gianfranco Minati, Italian Systems Society, Milan, Italy

I am extremely satisfied with the final version of the translation of my scientific text sent by your company. A swift reaction to my remarks deserves a praise. I feel confident recommending your services to other due to a friendly approach to customers and professional services.

– dr Monika Stelmaszczyk, The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

Thank you very much for highly professional and pleasant cooperation! I will surely recall your company in my future projects 🙂

– mgr Agnieszka Proszewska, Jagiellonian University

Thank you for a quick and professional completion of the order. I am very content (…) and will use your services again for sure.

– dr n. med. Grzegorz Suwalski

Thank you very much for such a professional approach to the matter as well as quick and efficient completion of our order.

– Monika Mazurek, 4system Polska sp. z o.o.

The Department of Dairy Technology (Poznań University of Life Sciences) highy values cooperation with eCorrector. We are satisfied with the quality of services (proofreading). All proofread papers are published in prestigious international journals with Impact Factor. The certifficate you issue proves that the publication has been checked by a native speaker. As the Chair, we strongly recommend using your services.

– mgr inż. Łukasz Kaczyński, Poznań University of Life Sciences

Thank you for your quick proofreading service concerning the attached fragments. It satisfies my expectations.

– mgr Łukasz Gajda, University of Silesia in Katowice

Thank you for your quick proofreading service. I will surely use your services in the future as I plan to write a few articles and a book in English within my research project.

– dr hab. Magdalena Zawisławska, University of Warsaw

Good morning, many thanks for a quick and professional proofreading job. I am happy with our cooperation. I would like to thank the native speaker especially.

– mgr Łukasz Gajda, University of Silesia in Katowice

Good evening, it is my pleasure to attach a link to the paper your company proofread. There were absolutely no remarks concerning the language during review. Best regards

– dr inż. Mirosław Szydłowski, Forest Research Institute

Professionalism and quick completion of tasks

– dr Jerzy Kiełbik, Kętrzyński Research Centre in Olsztyn

Good morning,
Now I understand the sensation you stirr at our Faculty – almost everyone I ask about good proofreaders recommends you.
Thank you very much, I have no remarks or questions – the proofreading is perfect. Thanks to you at least one complaint of reviewers – my English – has been considered…

– dr inż. Mirosław Szydłowski, Forest Research Institute

Let me start by saying that the previous text you proofread has been published and the reviewers had no reservations about the language 🙂 If possible, I would like to maintain our cooperation and use your language services again.

– dr. inż Karol Bronisz,Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Thanks a lot, you are reliable and very kind as always. Best regards (till our next text).

– dr Małgorzata Żychowska, Forest Research Institute

Hello, we thank the company, especially the proofreader, Miriam (recent text) and other persons, for the valuable content-based, stylistic and linguistic remarks. Cooperation with your company is beneficial to us as the reveiwers did not suggest the need to improve the language of our publications so far.

– prof. dr. hab Zbigniew Sierota, Forest Research Institute

It is a pleasure to ask you to proofread our next article under lead authorship of Małgorzata Żychowska, PhD.

– dr Andrzej Kochanowicz, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport

Thanks a lot, greetings to the best team in Poland!

– dr Małgorzata Żychowska, Forest Research Institute

I have used eCORRECTOR services many times. I come back most of all for the high quality of translations, but also kind and professional staff. They always establish a good rapport, react quickly and ensure a top quality service.

– dr inż. arch. Magdalena Czałczyńska-Podolska, The West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

Thank you very much for the translation as well as quick, seamless and very professional content-based cooperation.The Author is delighted! There should be more companies like yours!

– Joanna Abramowicz

I have no reservations – smooth and quick completion of my translation order.

– dr Andrzej Kochanowicz, Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport