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LaTeX is a typesetting tool that is used widely in academia for the preparation of articles and other scientific documents. It was originally developed in the 1980s as a writing tool for mathematicians and is now the favoured manuscript preparation tool for researchers from computer science, engineering, physics and economics. It has several advantages, mainly providing a customisable layout, handling of mathematic notation, and importantly is free software.

Due to coding and commands there is a steep learning curve to become confident using LaTex which can be a challenge for proofreaders not familiar with this program.

When ordering LaTex editing at eCORRECTOR we require the basic .tex file. When editing is complete we send the updated .tex file back to the author along with a comparison PDF file which shows where the changes have been made.
We treat LaTex proofreading and editing in the same way as all other projects and if authors have any follow-up questions we are happy to address them until the author is fully satisfied.

Native English PhD editors and proofreaders

eCORRECTOR work directly with a wide network of native English PhD editors and proofreaders and editors. Many are active researchers and publishing scientists. Those from the maths-based fields frequently use and are familiar with editing documents in LaTex. Over the past year we have experienced growth in demand from scientists requesting this type of proofreading service. To meet this demand we have increased our network of specialist editors and LaTeX proofreading has become part of our regular services.

Good English plays an important role in the publication process. Our editors and proofreaders ensure that your sentences have a natural flow, are internally consistent. Additionally, as many of our native English PhD editors are experts from specific fields we aim to draw the authors attention to any serious potential problems before the manuscript is submitted.

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