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The eCORRECTOR customer service team is online 5 days a week from morning till evening to assist you in conducting your projects. It allows us to cooperate with academics around the world and provide a specialised proofreading service tailor-made to your needs. We can reach a fellow specialist no matter where they live. As a result, you will get more than a text in academic-level English – you will get remarks from a researcher who is able to objectively assess your research. Our proofreaders are happy to provide feedback on the quality of presented material, point out areas for improvement and highlight the strengths of your research project. It may prove to be a valuable opinion before the review process as it will give you a non-biased opinion on your publication.

Fit your needs

It is sometimes difficult to establish what type of proofreading is best for the text you have at hand and each company understands the same terms a bit differently. We are eager to help you decide on the best service to fit your needs and describe in detail what is included in each type of proofreading we offer.

Proofread in confidence and sensitive data

eCORRECTOR guarantees that your manuscript will be proofread in confidence and sensitive data will be not be shared with unwarranted parties. You can safely send your text to us for a free quote – the customer service specialist will tell you the exact price and time of delivery as well as explain the payment process (we can invoice your research facility as well as a private person).

If your needs are not included in our list of services, do not hesitate to contact us.

We can accommodate various requirements of our customers and help them achieve the established objective. eCORRECTOR is open to expand the array of services especially for you!