At eCORRECTOR we carefully select our academic PhD-level editors and proofreaders (now over 100 English native speakers). We ensure your text is edited or proofread by an expert in the relevant field so that the scientific integrity of the text is maintained and the language is significantly improved. We have a strong track-record and have helped hundreds of scientists publish their work in internationally peer-reviewed journals.
Our mission statement: to provide language support to academics, whose first language is not English, and to break down any language barriers so that the results speak for themselves.”
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PhD, Hab. Associate Professor Mark J. Hunt


  • Overseas our network of over 100 PhD specialist proofreaders
  • BSc (Pharmacology) King’s College London
  • PhD (Pharmacology) Trinity College, University of Cambridge
  • Associate Professor, M. Nencki – Polish Academy of Sciences
  • 15 years experience in scientific editing and proofreading
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Head of Scientific Editing and Proofreading

Our Head of Scientific Proofreading, Mark J Hunt, received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK and has published over 30 academic papers and regularly serves as a reviewer for international journals. He has over 15 years’ experience proofreading manuscripts and is well aware of the standards expected by editors and reviewers when evaluating submitted manuscripts.

Mark quality controls our network of over 100 qualified English native speaker editors and proofreaders. We only work with proofreaders who have met our strict standard of both academic and linguistic excellence. All of our expert native speakers are recognised scientists in their field with publishing experience. They know the high linguistic demands which are put on scientists before their text is accepted for publication.

PhD Editors and Proofreaders

Our editors and proofreaders hold PhDs in areas directly related to the content of the text. Some of our most frequently requested areas of science include:
  • Biomedical Science (molecular and cell biology, molecular therapeutics, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, genetics, neuroscience, microbiology)
  • Clinical studies (medicine, psychology, emerging infectious diseases)
  • Ecology (environmental science, botany, wildlife and fisheries)
  • Engineering (industrial, civil, chemical and bioengineering)
  • Chemistry (organic, materials and chemical engineering)
  • Physics, mathematics and geology
  • Many of our medical proofreaders are qualified Doctors of Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
We also provide editing and proofreading of manuscripts in other academic areas such as history, philosophy, sociology and management.

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Our Expert Editors and Proofreaders in Numbers



PhD Editors and Proofreaders



papers edited or proofread

Our mission is to break down any language barriers so that the results speak for themselves. We not only provide thorough language services but as well with our team of experts PhD native speakers we created series of scientific writing guides for particular areas of science.

Individual approach

All manuscripts are treated individually. We assess each manuscript on an individual basis to determine which proofreader (subject matter expert) is best suited to editor or proofread the text.

Head of Scientific Editing and Proofreading

Once proofreading is complete, the final text is approved by our Head of Scientific Proofreading with any further changes or comments added at this stage.

Track-changes version

A track-changes version (changes highlighted) and a final version (ready-to-go) of the manuscript is sent back to the author, along with any comments which were raised at the editing or proofreading stage.

Cover letter support

If the author has any queries concerning the cover letter and would like to have it edited or proofread, they may contact us directly and our expert native speaker will support them.


If the author of the text has questions concerning correction or needs additional clarification from the specialist editor or proofreader, we are available for a direct contact.

Our expert editors and proofreaders are native speakers of English who hold PhDs awarded from internationally-renowned Universities. The vast majority of our proofreaders are active researchers, have published their research and are experienced editing and proofreading academic papers.

Join us!

If you are a native speaker of English, hold a PhD (or equivalent, e.g. Doctor of Medicine) and are interested to join our network of expert editing or proofreaders please send your CV with a list of publications and details of your proofreading experience.

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