eCORRECTOR provides comprehensive services to scientists, institutions and journals aimed at helping them prepare a perfect academic publication.

This is how we can help you:


PhD Editing
PhD editing improves the overall quality of the writing and includes rephrasing for flow, improving clarity of message, and changing awkward sentences.
This service is recommended for authors who are not confident writing in English or where substantial language revisions have been recommended by reviewers.


PhD Proofreading
PhD proofreading involves correcting minor mistakes, missing articles etc. It improves already good writing and is typically at the end stages of the manuscript submission process.
This service is recommended for authors who have strong command of English or where minor revisions have been recommended by reviewers.


Specialist translation (including medical and technical)
Carried out by a translator educated and experienced in translating texts in a particular area. For example, for Polish to English medical/technical translations, the translator is likely to be a Polish native speaker who is a Doctor of Medicine, or PhD in a biomedical field. This service is recommend for complex academic texts with specialist vocabulary.
Note: after a specialist translation of an academic paper, we recommended the text is also proofread by a native speaker before sending it to an international journal for peer-review. This is because a translation, although accurate, may not have the stylistic flow of a native speaker, which is often required by editors and reviewers.


Academic editing and proofreading
Carried out by a native speaker who is usually a trained linguist. Our proofreaders are experienced in editing texts, many are members of international associations for proofreaders and editors, such as the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). We recommend this service for non-technical texts, such as marketing texts, reports, statements, official documents, etc.
Scope: editing and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, style and general flow.


Scientist’s library
You can find a vast collection of free advice on writing and publishing scientific texts. The materials shared here include papers, videos, online courses, platforms, themed websites and presentations. You have all the information you need in one place – from getting the idea for a publication, conducting research, selecting crucial data, structuring your text, avoiding linguistic mishaps, leading ethical research, up to writing a cover letter and replying to reviewers. This is the place to find motivation and help in preparing a perfect manuscript that will be published smoothly.


Scientific writing guides
With academics in mind, we have prepared a series of original, free-of-charge guides on writing and publishing in particular scientific disciplines. The guides have been prepared by our specialist proofreaders who work at renowned American and British universities and hold their own publication records in prestigious journals. To date, we have released guidebooks for fields such as chemistry, molecular biology, medical and social sciences, along with a guidebook on writing resumes and cover letters.


Text formatting
Each text intended for publication – whether online or in a particular scientific journal – has to be properly formatted. If you are unsure how to format your text or require assistance formatting your manuscripts, please contact us for further information.


Live workshops
We provide workshops and lectures on scientific writing. We have presented at the Nencki Institute (PAN, Warsaw), The International Medical Science Pulse Conference (Opole), Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra (University of Warsaw), and LocWorld 37 (Warsaw).


Plagiarism check
Make sure your text is original! We offer the possibility of a plagiarism check for journal publishers and institutes. This is a very important service for journal editors, which reduces the risk that the published manuscripts contain plagiarised text and provides increased assurance that the published studies will be genuinely novel work.


Your individual needs
Do you have unique requirements that have not been listed above? Do not hesitate to contact us – we will find an optimal solution.

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