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How can we help academic institutions?

Specialist proofreading of academic papers by native speakers who hold PhDs in related domains

Specialist translation into over 30 languages by native speakers with vast experience in translation

Original guidelines on effective writing and publishing prepared by qualified proofreaders

Wide database of useful content and online learning platforms

Individual price lists for institutional clients

Live workshop

Our mission

At eCORRECTOR we specialise in language services for academics and researchers who wish to publish their papers in peer-reviewed international academic journals. We are aware of the rigorous linguistic requirements which these papers have to meet; we know that this aspect is often the key to a positive review.

Our main goal is to deliver language services to scientists whose mother tongue is other than English. We help them to overcome language barriers so the content of their work speaks for itself.

eCORRECTOR guarantees that the manuscript will be correct grammatically, but also transparent, concise and coherent We pride ourselves in our rich experience in cooperating with the academic community. Our company gained the trust of both individual scholars and numerous institutions. We are able to determine the type of improvements required to meet publication standards.

Scientific proofreading

Scientific proofreading projects are completed by native speakers of English, who specialise in a specific field (hold as a minimum a PhD or its equivalent obtained at a renowned university) and have vast experience in publishing academic papers. Our editor in chief dr hab. Mark Hunt watches over the highest quality of work we provide, supervising each stage of proofreading and subjecting it to additional verification.

As a final result the client is provided with two versions of the original text: a final document which includes all the necessary corrections and a document with tracked changes, where the author can clearly where the corrections were inserted as well as read comments and suggestions provided by the proofreader which can significantly improve the quality of the work. In addition to the corrected paper, we issue a certificate of proofreading, which states the title of the paper and the domain of the proofreader’s specialisation. This document is often required by publishers and significantly raises the worth of the paper.

Specialist translations

We provide translations in over 30 languages supplied by qualified translators (holding Master degrees in translation or linguistics). Specialist texts are entrusted to translators experienced in a specific domain in order to assure coherence of language and subject matter as well as the use of correct terminology.

Original series of article writing guides

To address the needs of scientists we have prepared a series of original, free materials on writing and publishing in specific domains. They were written by our proofreaders who work at renowned American and British universities and who publish their papers in prestigious journals. Moreover, in our Library you will find other recommended reference materials on academic writing and publishing.

Individual cooperation

eCorrector offers a possibility of individual cooperation with academic institutions, by adjusting the range of our services and their conditions to the author’s needs. There is also a possibility to schedule a live workshop for academics working at your institution, whose topic and content we arrange individually. Every day we help a number of academics prepare their papers with the aim to make the publishing process shorter and more effective.

What makes our services special?

High quality

Individual and flexible approach to customers

Fast and timely delivery

Highly qualified staff and top-class collaborating specialists

Professional customer service

Comprehensive translation and proofreading services for all text types

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