Terms and Conditions

Download eCORRECTOR Terms and Conditions in PDF format (valid from 01.03.2017)
  1. ECORRECTOR refers herein to the brand owned by Ecorrector Ltd with its registered office in United Kingdom. Suite 8, Newton Hall, Town Street, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7ZE. Tax identification number 51513 12657.
  2. CLIENT – business, institution or private individual being a recipient of eCORRECTOR’s services.
  3. CONTACT PERSON – person representing the Client and responsible for contact with eCORRECTOR, including for the placement of Orders.
  4. SOURCE TEXT – text in any form submitted to eCORRECTOR for evaluation, translation or proofreading.
  5. TARGET TEXT – text translated or proofread by eCORRECTOR.
  6. EVALUATION – binding cost of the translation or proofreading of a text provided by a Client or the cost of any other service provided by eCORRECTOR. eCORRECTOR performs Evaluation free of charge.
  7. TRANSLATOR – natural person or business working for or cooperating with eCORRECTOR in the scope of translation, proofreading or other services provided by eCORRECTOR.
  8. NATIVE SPEAKER – native user of the language of a target text cooperating with eCORRECTOR in the scope of translation, proofreading and other services provided by eCORRECTOR.
  9. STANDARD PAGE – 250 words.
    The number of words is calculated based on the indications in a text editor. In the case of complex text formatting (a large amount of embedded text, text boxes or tables) where the above mentioned devices may not be able to indicate the actual number of words, eCORRECTOR uses other specialised devices and may familiarise Client with them on request.
  10. PRICE PER PAGE – price per one page of translation or proofreading construed as a price for 250 words and counted in the text submitted by a Client.
    – in the case of simple (uncertified) translation submitted via email, a Client is not provided with a printed version, unless agreed otherwise
    – certified translations are always submitted via email and in print
  11. SIMPLE TRANSLATIONS or UNCERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS – translations which are not certified with a stamp and signature of a sworn translator.
  12. SWORN TRANSLATION or CERTIFIED TRANSLATION – usually concerns documents to be submitted at offices, banks or institutions. Each such translation is translated in and certified for compliance with the document submitted for translation (an original, copied, or scanned version) by a certified translator entered on the list of certified translators kept by the Minister of Justice.
  13. STANDARD PROOFREADING – proofreading of a text performed by a native speaker of a given language. Its aim is to detect errors relating to spelling, grammar and syntax and to improve the overall quality of the text for the target reader.
  14. SPECIALIST PROOFREADING – proofreading of a text performed by a native speaker of a given language (usually English) who holds a PhD (or other similar degree) in a domain related to the subject matter of the text. This service is targeted mainly at authors who intend to submit their papers for review before publishing them in international academic journals.
  15. ORDER – binding commission of translation or proofreading made by the Client of the Contact person.
  16. DEADLINE – day and time of submission of the Order to the Client. The Deadline is in each case agreed upon with the Client and confirmed via email.
  17. MODE (the rate of performing a service)
    Indicative number of pages per 1 working day: 5
    Indicative number of pages per 12 hours: 3-8. Performance of a service in express mode is subject to an additional charge of 30% of the standard price.
    The time of executing a specific Order is in each case agreed upon individually and depends on the availability of Translators or Native Speakers.
    Within each mode it is possible to establish individual conditions of reception/submission of an executed Order.
  18. THE SMALLEST STANDARD UNIT – the smallest standard unit is 0.5 page counted as 125 words.
  1. The main area of eCORRECTOR’s activity is the performance of written translation (standard and certified) and proofreading.
  2. Translation and proofreading ordered at eCORRECTOR are performed by fully qualified Translators and Native Speakers who are obliged to exercise due diligence and follow generally applicable rules of translation and proofreading. Services provided by eCORRECTOR are performed in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.
  3. Offers presented on eCORRECTOR’s website do not constitute legally binding offers in the meaning of Art. 66(1) of the Civil Code.
  1. Each time before accepting the Order eCORRECTOR informs the Client of a binding cost of translation or proofreading and an indicative deadline. eCORRECTOR provides a binding cost after the Client submits a text to eCORRECTOR’s email address. Depending on the amount and type of material submitted, a cost may be provided within an hour or within a time agreed upon with the Client.
  2. Numbers in the text. In the case where the text submitted for translation or proofreading contains a large amount of numbers (such as financial data) eCORRECTOR does not include them in the Evaluation.
  3. References and sources. In the case where the text submitted contains a list of references or sources eCORRECTOR does not include them in the Evaluation.
    Individual Clients submit a text for evaluation and after receiving information on the cost of translation and proofreading they make a prepayment of 100% of the total cost of the service on the basis of an invoice provided by eCORRECTOR.  Prepayment is tantamount to commission of the Order.
    After receiving a payment or confirmation thereof eCORRECTOR send to the Client a confirmation of   accepting the Order for execution.
    Businesses and institutions submit a text for evaluation, receive information on the cost of translation and proofreading, and then send to eCORRECTOR’s email address confirmation of accepting the conditions presented in the offer.
    After receiving information on the acceptance of conditions, eCORRECTOR sends to the Contact Person representing the business or institution a confirmation of accepting the Order for execution.a) The Client’s liabilities resulting from the placed Order
    Confirmation of the Order by the Client is tantamount to:
    – accepting the present Terms and Conditions
    – accepting the cost of the service indicated in the Evaluation (or the cost of one standard page), including the amount of additional charge in the case of the express mode
    – accepting the deadline indicated in the Evaluationb) Cancellation of the Order during the time of execution
    The Client is entitled to cancelling the Order at any time on condition that the part already executed has been duly paid for. There is no possibility of cancelling an Order already executed. This also concerns a situation where the service was performed beforehand.
  1. PREPAYMENTa) Individual Clients
    All individual clients are asked to make a prepayment of 100% of the total cost of the service.b) Businesses
    eCORRECTOR reserves the right to ask prepayment of businesses which place orders for the first time or which have a past record of exceeded dates of payment. The amount of such prepayment is agreed upon individually.
  2. DATES OF PAYMENTa) individual clients – 3 daysb) businesses and institutions – 7 to 14 days or according to individual agreements.

eCORRECTOR always strives to maintain the highest standards for the translation and proofreading services we provide. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the translated or proofread text, it is possible that portions may be incorrect.

  1. No liability is assumed by eCORRECTOR for any errors, omissions or ambiguities in the translated or proofread text.
  2. Should you discover any defect in the quality of the text please contact us within 60 days of receipt of the text.
  3. Where any complaint is deemed to be valid with in respect of the Services provided, based on any defect in the quality of the services or their failure to meet specification, eCORRECTOR will in accordance with these conditions be entitled to reperform the services free of charge or at the eCORRECTOR’s sole discretion refund to the Client the price of the services (or a proportion of part of the price) but eCORRECTOR will not have any further liability to the Client.
  4. In any event of any liability arising from direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages, eCORRECTOR’s liability shall in no case exceed the value of the cost of the services.

In the case of Orders executed in the express mode eCORRECTOR reserves the right to divide the text between two or more Translators or Native Speakers which may result in discrepancy of terms used in the target text. The Client is informed in advance whenever such a solution is applied.

In connection with the amendment of the provisions on the protection of personal data and the application from 25 May 2018 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on Data Protection) “GRDP”, we would like to inform you that:

1. The administrator of Users’ personal data is eCorrector Limited with its registered office at United Kingdom, Suite 8, Newton Hall, Town Street, Newton, Cambridge CB22 7ZE. Tax identification number 51513 12657. Contact details: info@ecorrector.com
2. In eCorrector Limited, the Data Protection Supervisor was appointed, with which you can contact here: dorotahunt@gmail.com
3. eCorrector Limited processes personal data for purposes:
– provide services in the eCorrector.com and provide an online ordering system for offered products to provide a booking service for selected products via the eCorrector.com website. The legal basis for data processing is the performance of the contract (Article 6 paragraph 1 point b of the GDPR),
– sales of products offered by eCorrector Limited – the legal basis for data processing is the performance of the contract (Article 6 paragraph 1 point b of the GDPR),
– marketing – the legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of eCorrector Limited – marketing of offered (including own) products and services (Article 6 paragraph 1 point f of the GDPR),
consideration of a complaint, investigation and defense in the event of mutual claims – the legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of eCorrector Limited – (Article 6 paragraph 1 point f of the GDPR),
sending commercial information by electronic means – only if the User agrees. The legal basis for data processing is consent (Article 6 paragraph 1 point b of the GDPR).
4. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to conclude a contract with eCorrector Limited.
5. Personal data will be processed for the period necessary for the performance of the contract, and after this period for the purposes and for the time and to the extent required by the provisions of  the right or to secure any claims or pending withdrawal of consent.
6. The recipients of personal data will be:
– entities providing and supporting ICT systems of eCorrector Limited in order to operate the online store “eCorrector.com” together with entities providing services related to the ongoing activities and payments of eCorrector Limited
– entities providing product delivery services,
– entities providing on-line, advertising and marketing payment services – pursuant to relevant agreements entrusting the processing of personal data.
7. Each person has the right to access their data and rectificate, remove or limit processing, the right to object to the processing, the right to transfer data, as well as the right to withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
8. In case of any doubts related to the processing of personal data, each person may contact eCorrector Limited with a request for information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, everyone has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body – the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection.

  1. eCORRECTOR may execute Orders on conditions different from those indicated in the present Terms and Conditions or the price list. Those conditions are then agreed upon individually with the Client.
  2. eCORRECTOR reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. The applicable Terms and Conditions are published on eCORRECTOR’s website with its effective date indicated.
  3. These Terms and Conditions and any contracts between Ecorrector and the Client shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Download eCORRECTOR Terms and Conditions in PDF format (valid from 01.03.2017)

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