Get 20% off PhD editing and proofreading in March!

Dear Researchers,
In order to meet the growing demand for PhD proofreading and editing services, we are introducing a new version of our online calculator, which will include all our existing services and some new features, which should streamline the process of placing an order as well as deciding what your manuscript requires. The graphic design has also changed, making the calculator more transparent and easy to work with.

We have introduced a new service called Academic Editing, i.e., proofreading by a native English speaker from the UK or the US who has experience in proofreading academic papers and has a university degree but does not have a PhD. This service can be used for dissertations, grant proposals, research reports, cover letters, and essays. It includes checking basic errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, and consistency of the entire text.

The calculator will provide a full price list for all services we offer (academic editing, PhD proofreading, and PhD editing) and the maximum number of days it will take for each service. There is also an option to select express rate for authors who need text completed urgently.

The calculator offers a number of additional options:

  • Reference formatting – we use reference managing software to ensure in-text citations and reference sections are properly formatted to your target journal. Author will also receive the library file so he/she can easily re-format the references/citations to a different journal if needed.
  • Manuscript formatting – full manuscript formatting for your target journal. This is one of the first things the journal staff check, so it’s important to get it right. This service includes formatting the title page, headings, subheadings, and main text, according to the instructions for authors for the particular journal. Where additional author input is required, this will be indicated by a comment, e.g., length of titles or sections exceed the journal guidelines.
  • Anti-plagiarism – it is worth making sure that the text you submit is original and does not plagiarize another work in any way. This can give reviewers confidence in your work’s authorship. We use well-proven plagiarism checking software, and a full report is prepared.
  • LaTeX files – authors in the mathematics, engineering, and physical sciences often prepare their manuscripts in LaTeX format. Our specialist LaTeX PhDs can edit or proofread your manuscript using the original source file, so there is no need to convert it to doc/docx format.


We hope that you will like the new version of the calculator and that you will find it easy to use to ensure proper linguistic quality and native speaker flair for your work. On this occasion, until March 31, 2023, using the code ECO2023, you will receive a 20% discount on your first order.

What do you think about the new version of our calculator? What additional services can be added to it? We are waiting for your suggestions and messages at
Once again, we encourage you to use it and wish you success in publishing your manuscripts!


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