Expert Biomedical Translations

Biomedical Translations

Our medical translators have relevant biomedical qualifications and fluent language skills
We offer professional proofreading of translated documents by native speakers who hold a PhD (or equivalent) in the area of the text (ie genetics, neuroscience, preclinical models etc).
Translations of medical documents and pharmaceutical information
Instruction manuals for medical equipment, multimedia presentations, clinic websites
Instruction manuals for medical equipment, multimedia presentations, clinic websites
Some of our clients
We were fully satisfied with the proofreading provided by eCORRECTOR. Especially important for us appeared to be suggestions bearing on the merits of the physiological knowledge. These are rarely provided by other translation offices.
– Prof. Andrzej Wrobel, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology:
I have not received any objections about the quality of English from any of the editorial boards to which I have sent my manuscripts. Kind regards to the best team in Poland!
Knowing that one of the major problems in publishing is insufficient language quality, we would like to encourage all mycologists to use eCORRECTOR, because they can help to improve the number of published manuscripts.
– Marta Wrzosek, PhD, Department of Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, University of Warsaw
eCORRECTOR’s translators handled the text and accurately translated the professional vocabulary. The translation was error-free and reads very naturally to English natives. I strongly recommend eCORRECTOR’s services to others!

Biomedical Translations - Aleksander Kozak

Aleksander Kozak, MD

Biomedical translations manager
  • Doctor of Medicine (Jagiellonian University Medical School)
  • Extensive work experience abroad including the USA, India and Russia
  • Highly experienced translating medical articles intended for publication
  • Involved in several medical research projects
  • translation of hospitalization records
  • translation of casebook
  • translation of test results
  • translation of referral letters
  • translation of sick notes
  • translation of instruction manuals for medical equipment
  • translation of multimedia presentations
  • translation of clinic websites
  • translations of medical document
  • translation of pharmaceutical information
  • translation of grants
  • translation of publications
  • translation of biomedical books
  • translations of pharmaceutical information
  • translation of product characteristics
  • translation of patient information leaflets
  • translation of package labelling
  • translation of case study
  • translation of patient’s diary