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Braille is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper. Braille users can read computer screens and other electronic supports using refreshable braille displays. It was invented by Frenchman Louis Braille in the nineteenth century.

Blind people encounter many difficulties every day. It is important to make their life easier as much as it is only possible. When it comes to prescribed and non-prescribed medicines, it is very important to put Braille on the packaging. Under European law all medicines must have the name of the medicine displayed in Braille on the labelling. Braille can appear on more than one side of a product and must not be abbreviated. The rules also allow Braille to appear on printed areas of the product, as long as the underlying text is clear and visible. What does the EU Directive say?

Council Directive 2004/27/EC ? Article 56(a)

?The name of the product, as referred to in Article 54, point (a) must also be expressed in braille format on the packaging. The MA holder shall ensure that the packaging information leaflet is made available on request from patients? organisations in formats appropriate for the blind and partially sighted?

In addition, companies must make patient information leaflets available for blind and partially-sighted patients. The idea, however, has its opponents.

Braille labelling is expensive and provides limited extra benefits for a small number of users. The cost of being able to spare a blind person from asking for help with medicine identification is astronomical. Is it worth the money? It is difficult to measure the cost of Braille labelling becasue the pharmaceutical industry is generally not willing to give out commercial information. Elements involved in producing it include, among others, extra artwork, extra elements in regulation and production, tool costs for each item, set-up costs for each batch, special cardboard quality, special labels, recalls and delayed batches.

But eCorrector are totally pro this idea and offer proofreading and translating from Braille language! eCORRECTOR are a proofreading and translation company that proofread also medicines packages. Our proofreaders are native speakers usually holding a PhD in an area closely aligned with the content of the text.

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