Conferences with eCorrector! Where have we been?

There is always something going on in eCorrector! In the previous week we had the pleasure to participate in three conferences: Medical Science Pulse, #Translating Europe Workshop and XI Electrophysiological Conference.

Medical Science Pulse

The event, under the patronage of the Rector of the State Medical School of Higher Vocational School in Opole, focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of science and research, with particular emphasis on biomedical sciences, understood as a kind of scientific cooperation of researchers and the use of various discipline research methods to obtain new knowledge and build new interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research fields. The main objective of the Conference is to promote the scientific development of young researchers and students. Our scientific editor, Mark Hunt, conducted a workshop “Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Scientific Writing – 10 Reliable Tips for Researchers” and a lecture on “Scientific Writing for Biomedical Journals – How to write scientific articles for biomedical journals” which gained a lot of attention.

#Translating Europe Workshop

The symposium is organized by the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw and the Polish branch of DGT Field Office as part of the Translating Europe project and belongs to the series of “Translating Europe” workshops organized in all EU Member States. This European project aims to eliminate gaps in the skills of people employed in the language industry and to help students and graduates of linguistic studies to enter the labor market. During the symposium, the issue of the quality of legal translations from the research, market and training perspective was raised. Our colleague, Magdalena Ochmańska, took part in the symposium and it made a positive impression on her.

XI Electrophysiological Conference

This year eCorrector was a partner of the event. The conference takes place every two years in various Polish academic centers, and this year’s edition took place in Warsaw at the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is a cyclical meeting of Polish and foreign electrophysiologists, and its aim is to integrate the scientific community and exchange information on the research conducted in the country based on measurements of currents in living tissues. Plenary lectures were also held during the conference.

Do you take part in such events often? For us it is a great opportunity to be able to meet you and share with you the effects of our work and professional knowledge that we can pass on to you. We can?t wait for next events!

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