Cooperation with the University of Casimir the Great

eCORRECTOR wins proofreading tender at the University of Casimir the Great in Bydgoszcz!

eCORRECTOR are pleased to announce that we have won a tender to proofread academic texts from the University of Casimir the Great in Bydgoszcz. This is particularly important to us, because we are strongly committed to Polish scientific activity.

This university is the largest university in Bydgoszcz and the second in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region in terms of the number of professors, students and graduates, as well as the number of courses offered. It participates in many research projects, and actively cooperates with scientific units in Poland and abroad. The University is involved in numerous initiatives focused on the local community, including Bydgoszcz Festival of Science, University of the Third Age, Museum of Diplomacy and Polish Refugees, NATO School, Association of Ethics of the Word, Memorial Routes.

We care about the development of Polish university and scientific activity. We strive to be present at scientific conferences, symposia and any event that aims to develop education in Poland. That is why this cooperation is so important for us – it is a personal success for us and we will certainly try to make the work with the University of Kazimierz the Great in Bydgoszcz fruitful both for us and for the university. We also hope to cooperate with other universities in Poland and abroad.

This success would not have been possible without our strong team of proofreaders and translators. Their reliability, attention to detail and diligence has enabled us to provide academic language assistance to many universities and institutes across Poland. Every day we make every effort to ensure that the services we provide are made on time and accurately. These features have allowed us to obtain a reputation that prevailed over the university’s decision to start working with us. We do not want to stand still, that’s why we are constantly developing and looking competent proofreaders and translators to be part of the eCORRECTOR team.

Each of our success is also a merit of people who work or cooperate with us. Thanks to their opinions and high ratings of our services, we were able to place ourselves on the market of scientific translations. Thank you very much!


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