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Searching for new translators is daily bread to translation agencies. When clients submit a text for translation, we strive to perform a service that would live up to their expectations. How to verify the accuracy of translation in a new  language pair over a short period of time, though? How to make sure that the translator has done a thorough job? The best solution is to come to us!

Our professionalism guarantees a successful cooperation

Thanks to a longstanding presence on the translation market, the eCORRECTOR team is equipped with niche and specialist know-how, which perfectly complements the needs of many translation houses. Our broad circle of experienced native speakers of target languages wil rise to any challenge. This is confirmed by the fact that eCORRECTOR works as a back office of the best translation offices in Poland and abroad, supporting their development and expansion to other markets.

Our motto is to preserve confidentiality of data we are entrusted with while maintaining the high quality of performed services. Our professionalism in this respect guarantees fruitful cooperation and makes up for any deficiencies that a given translation house may have. The product of our work is perfect translation of even the most complicated texts in unusual language combinations.

eCORRECTOR means specialist knowledge

Why is it worth working with us:

  •  We provide translations exclusively by native speakers of target languages (even the most exotic ones) – we permanently cooperate with over 200 reliable translators.
  •  The best translation base for languages from the entire world is English, but we also work on the German, French, Italian or Polish source.
  •  Translations are proofread only by native speakers of target languages, which makes texts sound natural and ensures their high quality.
  • Specialist proofreading is carried out by experts in a given area of science. If the order requires special attention and precision (e.g. an academic paper for publication), proofreading is performed by a native speaker who holds a PhD in a related field.

For our long-term partners from the LSP environment we offer:

Competitive prices

Ability to work in the partner’s system (e.g. CRM panel)

Attractive terms of payment

Wide range of supported language pairs

Instant response to enquiries

Loyal partnership and cooperation

Your agency’s development is just a few clicks away!
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We cooperate with many professional translation houses: