eCORRECTOR at the ATC Language Industry Summit

Last week (22-23/09) eCORRECTOR attended one of the major international translation conferences ?  ATC Language Industry Summit. This year’s jubilee meeting (ATC celebrates its 40th anniversary) took place in a breath-taking location in London, you can enjoy the view below.

ATC Language Industry Summit - Londyn

ATC Language Industry Summit took place in the heart of London

What did we learn at the ATC conference?

The views were impressive as always, but the summit schedule made an even greater impression. The conference, sponsored by companies such as Voicebox, SDL Trados, SmartCAT, Matecat, XTM, Plunet, Easyling and MemoQ, has a very rich programme of lectures and workshops.

We had the opportunity to learn from the best on how to apply state-of-the-art technologies to provide high quality translations and shorten the time of completing jobs. We truly believe that the impossible can become possible ? 50 pages translated within one day is no longer a pipe dream of a desperate translator. It attainable not via Google Translate, but highly professional translation tools as well as through cooperation with a team of translators and a professional proofreader. His/her role is to inspect the text as a whole and ensure a smooth flow of translation processes so as to make such an express translation not only possible, but also high quality.

 ATC Language Industry Summit is much more than just CAT tools

ATC Language Industry Summit

Dorota (co-founder of eCORRECTOR) during the ATC Language Industry Summit

One of the most captivating lectures during the ATC conference concerned the development of niche language specialisation services. This is essential in crisis situations experienced by our modern world, such as the Ebola epidemic and the need to find Swahili translators or current emigration situation.

Brexit and its impact on the translation market in the UK and Europe was also discussed. As can be seen from our previous entries, we are not afraid of the Brexit and boldly expand our activity in the European branch in Warsaw (Poland) as well as the British headquarters in York (United Kingdom). Both have great potential!

Participation in this ATC event was not only a source of inspiration, but also an opportunity to establish valuable contacts. Thanks to them our services of professional proofreading and translation performed by qualified native speakers gains more and more momentum. Access to specialists from all over the world, also those specialised in a narrow area of expertise, guarantees no job is too hard or technical for us! 🙂


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