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This seemingly immaterial date, 26.09.2016, is very important to our team. It is the day of a training and integration meeting of the entire eCORRECTOR team. It took place on the premises of the Hotel Szymbark on the Kashubian area. We constantly encourage our translators and proofreaders to upgrade their competences. However, these are not empty words as we motivate each other to do so as well!

The unique character of the region and the very location of Szymbark corresponds with the ideas of the eCORRECTOR company, namely building bridges among persons speaking different languages. People of the Kashubia care about their own culture, cultivate traditions and learn the Kashubian language (which we could also try!). At the same time, they are open towards learning about other cultures. Proof of this attitude may be found in the numerous global travels of this ethnic group. Centres of Kashubian life can be found in Asia, Canada or even such exotic locations as Brazil!  The Centre for Education and Promotion of the Region gathers a variety of memorabilia related to the life of Kashubians and Poles. The aim is to join them in a spectacular mosaic of international experiences.


eCORRECTOR team gathered in such a distinctive place to take a closer look at the quality of our work. We were inspired by the Centre of Education and surrounding attractions, such as the Upside Down House or the World’s Longest Plank included in the Guinness Book of Records. It gave us a new insight into on means of improving our efficiency and changes granting an even greater comfort of cooperation.

This meeting was not only a source of creative power for facing daily challenges, a place to exchange ideas. It was also a moment of leisure in a grand company. Relaxed and motivated, we are back to work!

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