eCORRECTOR Launches a Series of Guides for Scientists!

This month eCORRECTOR launches the first in a series of guides for scientists which aims to increase the chance that their work will be accepted for publication. The guides will be available on our website, and can be sent directly to your inbox if provide us with an email address. This guide was developed by Mark J Hunt, PhD who has published over 20 papers and reviewed many articles in the area of biomedical science.

Writing a paper is a very time consuming task, but often those 5-10 pages represent many years of research. Therefore, any scientist will want their work to be presented in the clearest and best possible way, and of course with the greatest likelihood of being accepted. This guide entitled ?Advice on Writing Better Scientific Articles? shows ways in which all areas of a paper can be improved, from the Title through to the Discussion. Useful advice and tips are provided on all major sections of the paper. The guide is mainly aimed at less experienced researchers, but hopefully even the most experienced researchers will find something helpful. Although researchers tends to develop their own particular way of writing papers, we have closed the advice guide with a useful structure that some researchers should find helpful when preparing their work for publication.

Writing a manuscript in English can be very challenging for researchers who use English as their second language, it is certainly not an easy process for those who are native speakers of English. The standard of English does form an important part of any paper and is something reviewers are nearly always asked to evaluate. At eCORRECTOR we aim to help scientists present their work in the best possible way with our expert scientific proofreading service. Manuscripts are proofread by UK or US native speakers of English, who are specialists in particular fields of study and carefully matched to the content of the paper. All of our native speakers have experience publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals and almost all are PhD holders. Therefore, as well as a natural flowing text our expert proofreaders frequently provide insightful comments which may strengthen the paper.

Please let us know if there is something you would like a future guide to focus on, or if you would like to learn more about our scientific proofreading service.


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