eCORRECTOR proofreading for Human Movement!

eCORRECTOR proofreading for Human Movement!

eCORRECTOR are a proofreading and translation company that proofread for a variety of other journals, as well as Human Movement. Since March this year, eCORRECTOR have been proofreading for the scientific journal Human Movement. The journal is published by the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. This journal deals with issues related to the physical development and related scientific research.

The proofreaders of eCORRECTOR are native speakers of English, usually holding a PhD in an area closely aligned with the content of the text, for example PhD in Sports Science or Physical Therapy or Doctor’s of Medicine.

Human Movement is a quarterly journal published by University School of Physical Education in Wrocław. Human Movement aims to promote research in sport sciences. The journal publishes research papers in physical activity, fitness and health, applied sport sciences, biomechanics and motor control, as well as physiological aspects and diagnostics of sport and exercise.

Human Movement is an online published journal that publishes written in English original papers, review papers, empirical research, book reviews, letters to the Editor, communications about forthcoming meetings and congresses and reports from scientific meetings

To find out more about the journal, we suggest you visit its website:

Why is physical development important?

Most people are so absorbed in everyday life, responsibilities and work that there is no place in their lives for exercise, sport or anything else that would stimulate them physically. And yet everyone knows perfectly well that unused muscles weaken. Our body is a wonderful mechanism that allows us a lot. If we do not take care of it properly, systematically train and strengthen it, then over time, like any mechanism, it will fail. As you know – a healthy body is a healthy spirit! Many theories have been supported by the thesis that a person who regularly trains has a much higher intellectual ability than people who do not practice any sport. It is worth investing some time and determination not only to shape your figure, but also to have the strength for mental effort – something more than sudoku before sleeping 🙂

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