2020 has been an exciting and important year at eCORRECTOR, despite the global uncertainties facing almost all areas of science and business. We have a solid team (Meet the team!) who personally processes the manuscripts, keeps regular contact with the PhD editor or proofreader processing the texts and ensures quality control and a timely return of the manuscripts back to the author. 

Continued Growth in Expertise and Quality

Over the past year, we have seen our network or PhD editors and proofreaders rapidly expand. Our editors and proofreaders are primarily based in the UK or USA and have received their PhDs from internationally-renowned universities. We have experienced continued growth in our network and now work with over 300 PhDs or medical doctors from a variety of specialists backgrounds (including organic and inorganic chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, mechanical & electrical engineering, medieval history, political science, linguistics & literature). We have put this down to increases in the number of researchers working from home which provides an ideal environment for specialists to undertake additional language-based tasks. This short video highlights just a few of the PhDs and medical doctors we work with.

We have also experienced increased demand for LaTex editing and proofreading and work closely with physicists, engineers and mathematicians who use this typesetting tool in much of their work.

PhD Editing and Proofreading

In 2020, we restructured our approach to the manuscripts we receive from our authors. This was due to requests for clear distinctions between delicate surface-level proofreading (i.e., correcting already well-written texts) and more substantive editing (i.e., where the majority of sentences need changes). Further information can be found here. We have also introduced our online calculator for quick and easy processing of orders. These changes have been well-received by the authors we work with. 

Tenders and Awards

We work directly with a large number of universities and journals covering almost all sectors of academia in Poland. In 2020, we built on our solid growth from previous years and have seen larger growth in the number of proofreading and editing open competition tenders we have this year (for example Catholic University of Lublin, Institute of East-Central Europe). We have also renewed tenders from the previous year, for example, the Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Medical Science Pulse, State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska, Silesian University of Technology. We were delighted to have received the Cambridge Prestige Award for 2020. We also published our article entitled ?How to write a good abstract for a biomedical paper? in the journal Medical Science Pulse.

Author Satisfaction

We work directly with a large number of authors and treat each manuscript, small or large, with the same level of attention to detail that our authors expect. We provide rapid responses, within normal office hours, and are always pleased when authors inform us about post-review feedback. The vast majority of our manuscripts are sent back ahead of schedule, which is also appreciated by our authors. We have a high author return rate, and recommendation is often spread by word of mouth which we expect will continue to grow into 2021. Currently, we have over 100 comments from the authors we work within the Customer Reviews page

We would like to thank you for your continued support in 2020 and wish you every success in the forthcoming year. 

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