Experience the EXPERT CHAT for better customer service!


We hope that you will be glad to hear that we have just introduced a new form of communicating with us, meaning the expert chat! We wish to help you in understanding the scope of our activity and services as well as shed some light on the best approach to a given text.

From Monday to Friday, 8am to 8 pm, you can contact us directly by means of the expert chat, you can find it in the lower right corner of our website. Our consultants will answer any question you may have in relation to our services so asl to help you select the optimal one.

Expert Chat

This is where you can find us, every working day from 8am to 8 pm!

Why is it a great idea to use the expert chat option?

Your questions are answered immediately by persons directly engaged in the functioning of the eCORRECTOR company. The same persons will later on handle your orders ? you can get to know them beforehand by reading short bios at the Team subpage.

Expert chat will facilitate the communication between customers and the eCORRECTOR team prior to placing an order.

We will explain to you the difference between specialist and standard proofreading.

We will let you know if we can handle the translation concerning a given language pair, especially if your needs are unique (history suggests we will not say no!).

We  will discuss the specificity of translations done by native speakers – and there is a lot to tell!

We will consider the possibility of joining a project you manage. Our experience in this area is vast, to quote only our recent cooperation with the Instytut Lukasiewicza or preparing subtitles for ad spots recorded by Grupa OdRolnika.

We will inform you on the terms of our current promotions – from time to time we organise themed promotional actions. Our recent undertaking was the Academic October. More discounts soon!
We strongly encourage you to explore the expert chat. See you there!

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