Independence Day around the globe

11 November is always a very important day for Polish statehood ? on this day in 1918 we regained our independence after 123 years of partition. Each year, it is commemorated by numerous performances, marches, concerts and reenactments. What about other countries? How they celebrate the anniversary of becoming an independent state?


This country in South America knows how to have fun! Official celebrations, parties and reenactments can last for weeks. What is interesting is that they commemorate the detachment from Spanish influences with national rodeo finals and kite flying.

Republic of South Africa

Its citizens fought the British rule in May 1910, but they celebrate the anniversary of first democratic elections more pompously. On 27 April, 1914, all citizens – also natives – could take part in the voting. This date is regarded as the official end of apartheid and a victory of human dignity.


Kites are a significant symbol of the Indian Independence Day. Apart from traditional (and extremely colourful) parades, citizens sign patriotic songs on the streets and share the joy of admiring elaborate kites. Competitions based on bringing your enemy’s kite down. The rivalry is fierce!


A curious tradition of this country relates to a link with its ancient roots. Each year, they light 12 torches symbolising 12 tribes of Israel. It is most often spent with friends and family.


There are many ways to celebrate Canada Day ? a picnic, parade, even enjoying firework shows. The most fascinating point of the programme is observing the exploits of Snowbirds – an acrobatic squad of the Canadian Air Force.

South Korea

Koreans celebrate their Gwangbokjeol ? meaning their Independence Day ? in a unique way. It is their tradition to grant special pardons to prisoners.


The main game of Indonesians on their Independence Day is the panjat pinang. A prize is placed on top of a high and oily pole so it can be claimed only by the most nimble! Another way to win lies in teamwork, climbing up on the back of your friends.

We could present only several ways of celebrating a day of such great significance for each country. It is noble to remember own traditions and interest younger generations in celebrating them. What are your ideas for the 11 November?

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