Medical documentation translations month

April has drifted away along with eCORRECTOR?s Japanese translation promotion. Although we need to wait another year to see the Hanami show, we will continue to have exciting promotions for translations and proofreading. Since health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly important area of human awareness, eCORRECTOR has introduced a new service which specifically targets specialist medical translations. What is more, throughout the whole month of May all medical documentation translations will receive a 5% discount! Combined with proofreading by native speaker specialists of specific medical fields, we can guarantee the highest level of service.

One area of medical translations that are particular popular is medical tourism, which is developing into a widely utilized medical service. Its main intention is to combine two extremely important aspects ? health and relaxation. Each month many people travel both within their home country, as well as to the most distant corners of globe, in order to preserve or improve their state of health and regenerate vigor. This type of tourism can allow individuals to experience other cultures, visit tourist attractions and enjoy the local entertainment.

Why do people travel abroad to improve health? The following are some of the most common reasons. One of the most important is perhaps the economic factor ? prices of specific medical services in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary can as much as 80% cheaper compared to Germany or United Kingdom. It is no wonder, then, that people faced with a choice of expensive treatment at home or cheaper treatment abroad, connected with sightseeing, culture and relaxation, travelling abroad seems more appealing to the mind and pocket. Additionally, many surgeries are not covered by national health services ? like cosmetic surgery. Another reason for which health tourism is blooming is the ever-increasing trend, created both by Internet and media, which promotes caring about health and beauty. The level of specialist treatment can also be an important factor ? more developed countries have at their disposal state-of-the-art technologies to deal with, for example heart diseases, cancers or genetic disorders, offering highly effective treatment, professional staff and a very high level of comfort.

The world offers countless possibilities, and travelling might be the only thing, which when is bought makes the human being richer. What does medical tourism look like in practice? I will try to address this topic in a future article.

Finally, I would like to remind our readers, once again about eCORRECTOR?s promotion throughout the whole of May (5% discount to medical document translations). Perhaps an accurately document translated by a doctor with fluent knowledge of specialist foreign language is exactly what you will need 🙂

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