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Bilingual translation is a unique process during which a given translation is carried out by a native speaker of both the source and target language. In most cases, bilingual translators are persons raised in families where using two different languages is commonplace, e.g. due to different ethnic backgrounds of parents or social and political circumstances of a given environment. A bilingual translator may also be a person who left their homeland at a young age and acquired the second language in a manner similar to that of his or her mother tongue, achieving the competence of surrounding native speakers. Therefore, this does not apply to persons gaining an advanced command of a language in the course of guided education.

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Who is a bilingual translator?

Two languages

A person demonstrating a perfect command of two languages.

Two different countries

Such translators are often raised by parents coming from two different countries and speak their native languages on a daily basis.

Outside their homeland

A person who left their homeland at a young age, which results in a perfect command of his or her native language and of the language of the country they moved to. They additionally comprehend nuances and cultural codes of both languages/cultures.

Bilingual translators provide highly precise translations, characteristic to a proper interpretation of the source text and its accurate adaptation to a target environment. Such translators move effortlessly between the two cultures, aware of linguistic subtleties and social tendencies ? as distinct from standard translators, they are fully immersed in both environments, not only linguistically. A text translated by this type of specialist stands out in the crowd due to its flow and naturalness, perfectly fitting the standards assumed by users of a given target language. Cooperation with a bilingual translator is beneficial especially for culture-specific or specialised texts, as they require profound knowledge of both target and source languages. Aware of their potential, bilingual translators upgrade their language skills during studies or discipline-specific courses, which additionally increases their value. Therefore, they are a valuable asset on the translation market.

Why is it advisable to use bilingual translators?

High quality

High quality level of translation resulting from native understanding of two languages and cultures.

Perfect understanding

Terminology and main ideas of the text are accurately transmitted into the target language.
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