eCORRECTOR awarded proofreading tender from Białystok University of Technology

We thrive on the market of proofreading scientific texts and monographs. Our experience grows each day! We are proud of each text we proofread and see published.  Our proofreading services facilitate the review process and contribute to the expansion of Polish scientific achievements worldwide. For this reason, our cooperation with the Bialystok University of Technology, which entails proofreading a monograph written in English for a prestigious international published, is a great honour to us!

Our native speakers of English, holding SfEP  qualifications and rich professional experience in text editing, have already began their work. The monograph touches upon the concepts of social sciences and organisational learning. Scientists from Middle-Eastern Europe wish to present findings and studies progressing in their respective facilities to their Western colleagues. Translation and proofreading tasks undertaken by native speakers of target languages are our speciality, with the contribution to internationalisation of science being an important goal.

We sincerely hope we will be able to present to you the results of this undertaking very soon.

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