Summary of the Medical Science Pulse Conference in Opole

Last month we had the honour of being a guest and participant of the 6th International Conference Medical Science Pulse in Opole. We are grateful for the invitation and possibility of being a part of this splendid event alongside other prominent scientists from Europe and the United States. During the conference, we were able to hear a number of fascinating speeches and join diverse workshops. Our Head of Proofreading, dr hab. Mark Hunt, delivered a lecture entitled ?Ways to improve your scientific writing.? As an experienced scientist with a record of publications in prestigious journals as well as a reviewer, he could present the step-by-step approach to preparing a good publication. Lecture participants could also learn about things that could be changed in the manner of writing and the course of the entire creative process that would help achieve the best result. The goal is, naturally, a smooth review process ? for this reason, the second speech of our Founder regarded preparing persuasive replies to review remarks (?How to write a convincing response to reviewers letter??).

The same area is touched upon in our article published in the current issue of Medical Science Pulse (?How to write an effective response letter to reviewers?? M.J. Hunt, M. Ochmańska, J. Cilulko-Dołęga).

The conference was also a place for discussions and establishing new contacts. This year, we could participate in a celebratory dinner with fine cuisine, great music and the opportunity to show off our dancing skills in the garden of the Radiowa restaurant. An additional attraction on the second day of the conference was a walk around the Opole zoo and Bolko island.

We are proud to announce that as a result of the hard work of the editorial team and maintaining a high level (both content-related and language-based) of publications the Medical Science Pulse quarterly has been granted 20 points on the list of journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is worth pointing out that it is the only scientific journal devoted to medicine and health sciences in the Opolskie Voivodeship that made that list.

The fascinating programme, numerous attractions and the dynamic development of Medical Science Pulse makes us proud of being able to attend this great conference and contributing to the abovementioned improvements. We are eager to see what the organisers are preparing for next year! 

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