eCORRECTOR pledge 1% of profits to Fundacja Niepelnosprawni Pracuja

Every quarter eCORRECTOR chooses one of the submitted prosocial initiatives and grants it 1% of income gained from translation and proofreading by native speakers earned in a given time period. This year, we already supported the Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy, Fundacja Kolorowy Swiat, Fundacja SMA, and now?Fundacja Niepelnosprawni Pracuja!

The Foundation was established 4 years ago, in November 2012. Its statutory provisions are based on a common goal: professional and social activation of the disabled, aiming at preventing their social marginalisation.

Fundacja Niepelnosprawni Pracuja ? what is their scope of activity?

It is a difficult and demanding undertaking, but employees and volunteers of the Foundation do not hesitate to help those in need.  They provide financial and material support, also finance the purchase of specialist rehabilitation equipment. Moreover, they care of the personal, educational and cultural growth of their wards, e.g. by organising professional courses, art openings, sports events, along with publications and conferences.

Fundacja Niepelnosprawni Pracuja additionally took up an important mission of increasing social awareness about reasons, kinds and ramifications of disability. Persons engaged in the activity of the Foundation relentlessly prove that disability is not a prison sentence! Thanks to the cooperation with state administration organs and local self-governments as well as prosocial investments they can act towards integrating the disabled with society.

The Foundation also supports the activity of the “Free Team” Club. It gathers disabled persons with similar interests in sections devoted to, e.g. accounting, computer graphics, network administration. The idea it to share experience and establish cooperation inside or outside the Foundation.

We believe that the Fundacja Niepelnosprawni Pracuja deserves all possible help, whether financial or material. We hope that it will develop even further and contribute to important changes in the society.

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