Activities disseminating science – what has changed?

Until 31 October 2018, applications for the Dissemination of Science for 2019 are being recruited. As part of the call for proposals, it is possible to finance tasks supporting the development of Polish science by promotion and dissemination of research and development, innovative and inventive activities, including internationally as well as tasks related to the maintenance of resources of high importance for science and its heritage, not involving research or development.

According to the information from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in financing the dissemination activity of science, it includes:
– promotion of innovative solutions using the results of scientific research or development works as part of fairs, exhibitions and exhibitions at home or abroad;
– organizing or participating in projects promoting, promoting and popularizing scientific or scientific and technical achievements in Poland or abroad;
– dissemination of scientific and scientific-technical information within national or international scientific conferences;
– undertaking other activities particularly important for the dissemination of science;
– maintaining library resources, unique in the scale of the country, of significant importance for science or its heritage;
– development of scientific library resources;
– providing library resources in electronic form

In the current edition there is also a record that funds allocated for financing dissemination activities are also granted for the implementation of tasks related to the publishing of scientific journals and monographs with a high substantive level and significant importance for the development of science or the growth of innovation of the Polish economy aimed at dissemination results of the latest scientific research or development works, in order to introduce these results into the international circulation and to provide them with open access via the Internet. This also applies to publishing in English, which is a very important change to us. Many Polish scientific publishing houses and scientists are more and more often deciding to publish their work mainly in English, which helps their work to become internationally famous as well as in establishing inter-university cooperation. This change makes us very happy, because we believe that the popularization of the Polish science market in present times is one of the most important aspects that should be developed – we have great and respected international scientists!

Detailed information about the recruitment can be found on the Ministry’s website:

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