Brexit? Not for us!

We do not share the fear expressed by many persons following the decision of the citizens of Great Britain to proceed with Brexit. Our company thrives and constantly develops; our Polish and British branches gain more and more experience in handling specialist proofreading and translation jobs with each month.

English is our source language for the majority of tasks we handle. Our offer includes specialist proofreading services addressed at a wide array of business and marketing-oriented texts. We also tend to the relationships with scientific publishing houses, which we could establish thanks to our collaboration with academics and specialists around the world. We work with qualified native speakers of English, who hold significant content-based knowledge and splendid command of their mother tongue. We approach each proofreading task individually. It is our belief that choosing a person experienced in a given area will guarantee more precise text localisation. For many fields of business, it is one of the most crucial success factors!

It is worth noticing that English is seen as the lingua franca of the global village we live in. This is why the demand for English translations is still enormous, despite events such as Brexit. As an example of our recent undertakings related to promoting local achievements abroad, we may quote the translation of promotional spots showing the culinary treasures of Małopolska. Our highly qualified translators have their hands full! We assign translation jobs only to specialists ? most often, native speakers of target languages. Just as in the case of proofreading, this is a procedure ensuring perfect text localisation within the target culture.

New promotional offer!

It is eCORRECTOR’s tradition to prepare a themed promotional offer related to selected services. For September we have prepared a 10% discount on proofreading by English native speakers. This offer is valid till the end of the month and regards all marketing, business and application documents.

Let’s show that Brexit does not scare us!

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