Editing and proofreading for academic journals

We provide specialist editing and proofreading and editing services carried out by native English PhD holders familiar with the topic of the text. This is recommended for manuscripts with a lot subject matter specific terminology such as biomedical, chemistry, and engineering-related texts.

English proofreading

We also provide a native English proofreading service by experienced linguists for texts that do not contain a lot of technical terminology.

Impact factor ratings

We understand how important citations and impact factor ratings are for journal editors and we work towards increasing this score by increasing the clarity of the texts.

Publication process

Our services make the publication process easier and quicker for journals and publishers. We ensure proofread texts are clearly understandable to the readership and specialist terminology in used where appropriate.

We work with a number of journals and understand the needs of journal editors and regularly manage large volumes of manuscripts (e.g. 80,000 words per issue).

Some of the journals we work for include:

  • Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica
  • Acta Nuerobiologiae Experimentalis
  • Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Cardiology Journal
  • Endokrynologia Polska
  • Ginekologia Polska
  • International Maritime Health
  • Medical Science Pulse
  • Meteorology, Hydrology and Water Management ? Research and Operational Applications
  • Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin

PhD level editing and proofreading
Over 30 scientific specialisations
Native English speakers
Academic excellence

Language support and Plagiarism check

We can provide a plagiarism check, for a small fee per manuscript, for editors who want to ensure that the texts they publish are original.

We also provide language support for books at every stage of the publishing process.
Recently we have introduced workshops on effective writing of academic texts, how to respond to reviewers comments and other related topic.

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Each journal has its own specific requirements and we offer bespoke language services for individual journals. Please contact us to find out how our PhD and standard proofreading (for non-technical texts) services can provide language support for your journal.

We offer tailored packages for journals aimed for large volumes of manusripts within a specified by journal editior time frame.

For more information please our scientific journals manager Agata Sibilska-Woźniacka, MSc a.sibilska@ecorrector.com, phone: +48 607 770 235.

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