eCORRECTOR watches every match during EURO 2016

As the Euro 2016 season is gaining speed (this week we may cheer during Poland-Germany and Ukraine-Northern Ireland matches), we would like to refer to some reasons why British and American football fans cannot agree with each other.

First of all, in the U.S. someone has to win a football game (they refer to the game loved by the British as soccer). It?s unacceptable for them to end a game without selecting a victorious team. However, the British know that a draw can be a tactical move.

Americans may be surprised by the devotion to hygiene during some matches ending in a tie. Surprisingly, the term ?clean sheets? is a description of said result. A similar confusion may be caused by the term ?stud?, which is not a handsome man for the British, but the protrusions on the sole.

Moreover, fans from two sides of the pond would have difficulties in arranging a sitting plan. The British would not understand why Americans want to their seats near a field (a place where sheep spend their days) instead of the pitch.

It is also interesting how both groups approach additional game time. European football does not experience it very often, but Americans are well accustomed with prolonged games ? they play to have a winner.

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Have you experienced any confusion caused by sport terminology? Let us know!

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