Exciting news! Published book and professorship

Our mission statement at eCORRECTOR, is for scientists, by scientists. That is why we are delighted to update you with two pieces of exciting team news!
Dawid Wesołowski M.A., project manager at eCORRECTOR, who you contact when placing orders, has had his book entitled “History of the trivial school in Izdebnik” published. His monograph is under the honorary patronage of the head of the Lanckorona commune – Tadeusz Łopata and the School Complex in Izdebnik. It is a historical work devoted to the history of this institution and, more broadly, education in Galicia through the prism of archival documents kept in the school.

We are also pleased to announce that co-founder of eCORRECTOR, Mark J. Hunt PhD, was awarded the title of Profesor Instytutu at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Science.

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