February discount on every service at eCORRECTOR!


February is carnival time, which means balls, parties and astonishing costumes. Throughout the whole of February eCORRECTOR has discounts of 3%, 5% or even 8% on all of our services. To receive the discount just type in MASK when writing to us. Discounts are available on professional proofreading, translation, copywriting and audio recording.

This idea was inspired by the Carnival of Venice which take place every year and an inherent part of course are the masked balls.

There are several theories about the origins of masks at the Carnival of Venice. Most likely masks were worn to hide the differences between the poor and rich so both could enjoy the carnival together. Venetian masks, at least the original ones, have particular names and shapes. The masks should be made of paper, plaster or porcelain. The way they are designed depends entirely on the owner. They are usually decorated with lace, beading or feathers and after are painted, most often in gold. The prettiest mask can win a contest which is organized each day during the carnival at St. Mark?s place.

Feel free to use our service and benefit from the discount during the month of February

PS: Don?t forget to type in MASK when you ask for a quote!

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