Kick-start your career with CV Man!

The holiday season is a time of relaxation, visiting new places, exploring cuisine, but also the launch of our new service at eCORRECTOR? CV man! A brand new service dedicated to translating and proofreading CVs and cover letters! The summer months create a great opportunity to kick-start your career, especially since application documents in foreign languages are more and more often required. This move gives time and resources to plan something even more exciting for holiday next year!

Obviously, there are also other reasons to start searching for a new job, along with countless benefits. Employment providing a sense of satisfaction, development and adequate remuneration positively affects our mood, energy and health. Persons appreciating their job can live to the fullest and wake up on Monday without reluctance. Changing one?s work environment or position may bring unexpected qualities, so kick-starting your career this summer is worth the risk!

Application documents have to comply with several formal requirements, but ? most importantly ? with linguistic standards. Against a popular opinion, each country has slightly different preferences when it comes to CVs and cover letters. If you want to apply for employment abroad, it is advisable to ask a specialist to check the style and format of your documents ? all of this can be found within the CV Man project.

Many domestic labour markets have entered a new dimension. Translating and proofreading CVs and cover letters are services in demand as employers want to initially verify linguistic competence of applicants. Therefore, a document incorrect in linguistic or formal terms deprives its author of a chance for a job interview.

The service related to translating and proofreading CVs and cover letters has been designed with a view to support our customers in building a better future. We want to help in the process of submitting an attractive offer and getting the dream job. Translating and proofreading CVs and cover letters encompasses languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and Polish. Assignments are handled by persons experienced in HR and recruitment as well as native speakers aware of the requirements of their national labour markets. Terms of cooperation are characteristic for eCORRECTOR ? clear scope of service, transparent pricing, high quality.

Take the helpful hand of CV Man in your quest for a dream job ? translating and proofreading CVs and cover letters is our contribution to your prosperity. Let us kick-start your career together in July and August!

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