Cooperation with the Museum of Koszalin on their Osieki Collection materials

We have cooperated with Museums before (see our Malbork entry), but it would be the first time we helped popularise a hidden gem of contemporary art. The Museum of Koszalin entered into cooperation with us to translate into English the contents of a catalogue they have prepared with regard to the Osieki Collection.

In the years 1963-1981, a village near Koszalin hosted international meetings of artists, scientists and art theoreticians. During the Plein-airs, they would discuss and discover new trends in the visual arts, music, poetry, literature, photography and performances. It is a unique achievement of the Polish artistic milieu ? the organisers managed to convince the PRL authorities to allow for such freedom of expression in a public space. The meetings in Osieki were very popular among artists and the recipients of their works until the martial law put an end to the series of events. The works created in during the Plein-airs have been re-discovered later ? to many, the Collection has become a symbol of the past era, a document of the artistic movement of the 1960s-1980s.

The Museum of Koszalin has been processing and digitising the collection under the supervision of Marta Adamczak, heading the Department of Modern Art.  Just a few steps have to be made before publishing a comprehensive catalogue of the Osieki Collection. eCORRECTOR is proud to be a part of this project by providing quality translations into English.

We highly enjoy the culture-oriented projects, looking forward to the next one!


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