Proofreading by a native speaker

In many cases translation (if the translator is not a native speaker of the target language) is insufficient in terms of ensuring the intended meaning of the text is easily understood by target readers. Translations by proficient speakers of a given language are characterised by a high level of content-based and linguistic correctness; however, they are not always free from cultural inaccuracies, especially those one cannot learn about at school or during professional training. Ignorance concerning target culture, society or environment often leads to a distorted or even incorrect interpretation of the message. Additionally, texts translated by someone who is trained in the target language, rather than a native speaker of that particular language, can appear awkward to read or verbose to the target readership. These can result in a serious lack of professional appeal of a translated text.

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Which types of text typically require proofreading by a native speaker?

Descriptions of products

Descriptions of products intended for export, including adverts, marketing and PR texts.


Adverts for hotels or other places where international guests form a large customer base, but also other non-literary texts in use, such as menus.

Commercial texts

Commercial texts for publication, also intended for mass-edition print, e.g. catalogues, flyers, brochures.

Publications and Literature

Scientific and professional publications in the form of a book, article, monograph. Literature and non-fiction, such as documentaries or news.

We provide a service of proofreading by a native speaker

eCORRECTOR provides a service of proofreading by a native speaker, which ensures that all necessary adjustments are made to a translated text so that it reads clearly and professionally. Proofreading by a native speaker makes it possible to express the intended message in a natural manner. Only a person immersed in the target language and culture is able to adapt a text to a foreign language so as to make it sound completely natural for another native speaker. Our proofreading by a native speaker service ensures the information concerning your product or service will reach potential customers without any linguistic inaccuracies and will be conveyed in the clearest way possible.

About our native speakers who handle proofreading:

Native language

Our proofreaders have been raised in an environment granting exposure to a given language (or languages); therefore, a native proficiency level has been acquired.

Live in homeland

Native speakers most often live in their homeland, use their native language on a daily basis, are constantly exposed to it and react to any modifications.


We typically cooperate with native speakers who specialise in a given area and are able to handle even the most complicated texts.

Proofreading by a Native Speaker

Why use our proofreading by a native speaker service:

Proofreading by a native speaker ensures linguistic naturalness, which guarantees that the resulting text is clear and easy to read and understandable by the target reader,

Texts do not contain cultural blunders,

Native speakers, as they perceive the language on a daily basis, see constant changes in its use and are able to apply the most natural as well as linguistically efficient structures.

eCORRECTOR has successfully provided proofreading services (in almost all European language as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese) for many clients and institutions operating in a variety of business sectors.