October 27 means National Tell a Story Day

There is a special date in the Scottish and British calendar devoted solely to story-telling. It falls on October 27 and is celebrated with much engagement. There are many ways in which you can become a part of it ? your creativity is the only limit here!

This holiday originated from the tradition of oral story-telling. Though still practiced today, it began in the old days. At that time, the only widely accessible way to pass down important truths and facts for the younger generation was through a story.

Nowadays, we have instant access to books and online entries about important people, fascinating events or fiction. Yet, the tradition of story-telling has an important place in our lives. Especially children love to hear tall tales, scary or folk tales! For this reason, on 27th of October, numerous institutions organise public story-telling events addressed at people of all ages. Let’s be honest, everyone likes a good story! It is also a frequent practice to stay at home or light a fire and enjoy various stories. Some even agree on a theme for this evening and search for matching tales developed in different cultural circles; others prepare special decorations for the ambience.

eCORRECTOR strongly supports initiatives that increase our awareness of own or other cultures and incidentally upgrade our language skills. Celebrating the National Tell a Story Day is surely a great way to do it. We will surely try our hand in story-telling, how about you?



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