Funny New Year’s Day Customs Around the World

The New Year is coming. Most of us will be resting on New Year?s Day after the party the night before??but, have you ever wondered how people from around the world celebrate the New Year? Do they have any funny traditions connected with welcoming in the New Year?It turns out, that in many countries people have very different ideas about how tokick the New Year off in the best possible way. Below you can find 5 of them, which we think are the most interesting.

In Poland there is the custom that on Christmas Eve at midnight you can hear your pet talking. On a similar animal-related note in Romania on New Year?s Day farmers try to hear if their animals want to say something with a human voice! If they actually do say something it means that the New Year will be a bad one for their owner (probably because they will largely spend it at the psychiatric hospital!).

Do you plan a trip for next year, but afraid that it won?t be successful? Then you should grab you suitcase and walk with it around your house. This Ecuadorian tradition will ensure that your dream holiday will became a reality.

In Russia, precisely in Siberia, is a custom where people cut a hole in the ice covered Lake Baikalon New Year?s Eve and dive to the lake?s bottom while carrying a New Year?s tree. Remember: only professional divers participate.

In Saundersfoot, UK, people gather together on the beach to dive into the ice cold water to raise money for charity. Swimming in cold water may also be perfect for curing New Year?s Eve hangover.

On New Year?s Day the inhabitants of Johannesburg throw their old furniture out of the window. This custom symbolizes casting away the old in favor of the new.

These are just a few of the funny (and even dangerous) customs that some people all over the word will be engaging in. We can guarantee, that you can find many more out there if you are travelling or celebrating the new abroad. If you have any interesting customs that you would like to share just send us a message or better still a photo!

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