News ? January 2020

The last months of 2019 were extremely busy for the entire eCORRECTOR team. In December alone, we proofread/translated over 100 scientific papers, which means that we worked on almost 400,000 words!

At the start of the New Year eCORRECTOR underwent several changes.

Justyna Cilulko-Dołęga, PhD, who was responsible for all scientific orders and replying directly to your requests for well over 2 years, decided to devote herself  to her passion ? yoga and personal development. If you would like to follow her career path, you can visit her website:

Justyna?s duties related to the supervision of scientific proofreading and translations were taken over by Klaudia Raflik, MA, and Dawid Wesołowski, PhD candidate. You can get to know our new team members by their brief presentation below.

Klaudia has a Master?s in Polish philology. This Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań graduate specialised in editing and digital media culture. Therefore, she comes in contact with texts ? also scientific ? almost every day. Klaudia is passionate about the living language: she closely follows various media, converses with linguists, takes part in scientific conferences and popular science events. Moreover, she works with authors and helps them achieve success in the process of publishing their papers and books. Seeing the effects of a fulfilling cooperation, especially in the form of published pieces, gives Klaudia great satisfaction. She assumes that if you do what you like, you will never work a day in your life.

Dawid completed his Master?s degree in religious studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He specialises in myths and religious ideas. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at the same university. His interests revolve around the Far East cultures and broadly defined history, anthropology and ethnology. Dawid?s research primarily regards the relationship between nature and sacrum, focusing on the role of fauna, flora and other elements of the natural landscape in belief systems ? especially animistic and polytheistic religions. He is the author of several monographs and papers. In his passion for regional studies and genealogy, Dawid collects historical bits in the form of various archival materials and stories.

At the end of last year, we expanded the services offered by eCORRECTOR by creating scientific packages. They immediately gained popularity among our scientists. Soon, we will prepare more extensive entry about them. However, if you are interested in this service please contact us via email ( or visit our website ( to find out more.

Importantly, we have a growing network of specialist proofreaders, which means our proofreading can be tailored even more specifically to your needs. All of our specialist proofreaders hold PhD or Doctor of Medicine degrees and many are actively publishing scientists.

The year 2020 has got off to a strong start and we are confident that 2020 will see further growth for eCORRECTOR with the new team. We welcome the new arrivals to the team and look forward to serving new authors, journals, and universities this year.

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