PhD Editing & PhD Proofreading ? eCORRECTOR just got better!

Dear Researchers,
eCORRECTOR serves a large number of scientist in Poland and abroad and we are always pleased to hear about how we can improve our customer experience. Due to the growing demand of our authors, we are pleased to inform you that from May 2020 we will be dividing our specialist language services into PhD editing (for substantive changes) and PhD proofreading (for minor changes). Both services will be carried out by native English speakers who hold a PhD degree in areas related to the content of the texts we receive. Many of our editors and proofreaders are based in the UK or US, and are active researchers with their own publication records.

PhD editing is more substantial the proofreading and is recommended for the following:
1. Authors who are not fluent or comfortable in written English.
2. Texts that have been translated.
3. Where reviewers have suggested major language changes are required.
4. Early-stage researchers who are less experienced with the publication process.

PhD proofreading is recommended for the following:
1. Authors who are near-native or fluent in English and require surface/minor changes before submission.
2. Where reviewers have stated minor language changes are required.
3. Experienced researchers who are familiar with the publication process.

Over the past 5 years, we have successfully built a solid author base with many returning authors and recommendations. PhD editing is more substantial than proofreading, and as such is more expensive service, however, we strive to keep our costs competitive and maintain our standard of excellence.

Further information about our PhD editing and PhD proofreading services can be found here, along with a calculator and opportunity to pay online for those authors who prefer this method.

If you have any questions about our services or want to find out more please feel free to contact us.

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