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In the academic world, the quality of a publication, in particular in which journal it appears (usually the higher the Impact Factor, the more prestigious the journal), is often the basis for estimating the perceived importance of a piece of work. Publications form an essential aspect for evaluating a researcher within their department/institute and by grant reviewers. Those with stronger publication records are typically ranked above those with weaker ones. It also a frequent demand of funding bodies that recipients of grants should publish their findings before the end of the funding period. For these reasons, publications form one of the most important aspects of the work of a researcher.

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Proofreading academic texts for publication at eCORRECTOR:

Native speakers with PhD

Native speakers of English holding a PhD (or equivalent, i.e. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery), usually with experience in publishing their own work.

Subject-matter knowledge

Expert subject-matter knowledge, along with familiarity with the terminology and science relating to a particular field.

Quality Control

Scientific proofreaders are subject to constant Quality Control by eCORRECTOR?s head of the scientific proofreading team, Mark Hunt, PhD.

The very act of writing an academic paper can be very enjoyable, at least at the start. As the months progress, this task can become very tedious due to the constant focus. Moreover, other projects are often put on ?hold? during this time. Therefore, it is quite common that later drafts of a manuscript receive increasingly less attention and errors can be overlooked or even accidentally introduced.

Writing a paper often is the pinnacle of 3-5 years of research activity. Therefore, any author wants to get this right and published in the best quality journal. Ideally, a research paper should describe the background of the study and the particular hypothesis being tested. Methodology needs to be sufficiently described so that other researchers can reproduce the author?s findings. The key discoveries should be clearly and concisely presented and discussed appropriately and conclusions drawn.

eCORRECTOR has established a proofreading academic texts for publication service. Indeed, international journals increasingly require native speaker proofreading procedures for academic texts written by non-native users of a given language. Our experienced scientific proofreaders are all PhD holders from a variety of backgrounds (e.g. genetics, molecular biology, neuroscience, preclinical, engineering, biophysics, botany) and have often published their own research, some having served as reviewers for international journals.

The senior author is usually the person who designed a given experiment or process; therefore, he or she knows the background and basis of the study better than anyone else. Typically, the senior author will have received funding for their research and will have already described the overall purpose of the study in a grant application.
International peer-reviewed journals require that manuscripts are submitted in English. For almost all submissions, reviewers are asked to evaluate the language of the paper and this can contribute to the overall decision made by the editors. Writing a good scientific paper can be a difficult process and this is naturally much harder for authors whose first language is not English.

The purpose of our proofreading academic texts for publication service is to reduce the potential disadvantage non-native speakers of English have in publishing their work. Proofreading by our experts ensures that the language will be both linguistically correct and in a form expected by journals. Furthermore, the technical background of our proofreaders ensures that they fully understand the text and will intelligently edit the work as well as often refine the text and make helpful suggestions that the authors may wish to incorporate into the final version.

Manuscripts that have passed through our proofreading academic texts for publication service can receive a proofreading certificate, which states the title of the article along with a statement that the text has been proofread by a native speaker of English who holds a PhD (or equivalent, i.e. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) in a specific subject.


Why use our proofreading academic texts for publication services?

Requirements of peer-reviewed journals

Proofreading academic texts for publication by a native speaker is often one of the requirements of international peer-reviewed journals.

Intelligently edit

Our specialists are experienced in proofreading texts intended for publication and will not only improve the English language, but will intelligently edit the text so that the findings are presented in a stronger way.

Helpful suggestions

Since our scientific proofreaders thoroughly and intelligently read your text, they often make helpful suggestions (such as comments in a .docx format) about the content of the paper, i.e. identifying contradictions, potential weaknesses, missing citations.
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