Proofreading English texts

Each author wants his or her text to be perfect in every aspect. Unfortunately, it often happens that a given work contains some errors, despite the author?s devotion to carefully checking and editing the text many times. There are many reasons why these shortcomings remain unspotted. Some imperfections cannot be found if the author relies solely on a spell check option (available in text editing software), others escape our sight due to fatigue or lack of focus, with a portion resulting from our unfamiliarity with advanced linguistic nuances. It is not difficult to make a mistake in the jungle of rules, fixed phrases and complex terminology. Another issue arises when a given work is read by the author many times with the best of intentions (essentially the author is over-familiar with the text, which leads to a tendency to skim read). This means some language errors may be difficult to spot, such as mental shortcuts, failures in text logic or subject-matter simplifications.

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Which types of texts should be proofread?

Diploma papers

Bachelor, Engineering, Master, PhD, etc.


Texts intended for publication, e.g. in scientific journals, magazines, web portals

Articles or books

Scientific, specialist, literature, guidebooks

Even top-level writers

The author knows best what the text addresses in each and every sentence ? after all, it is his or her text ? but readers may experience some difficulties in comprehending the train of thoughts presented in the written work. Even top-level writers with splendid skills succumb from time to time to this weakness, which is why professional authors usually cooperate with proofreading departments. eCORRECTOR has developed a language service dedicated to proofreading English texts. We can help you ensure yourself that your text satisfies all stylistic, grammatical and subject-matter requirements set before you.

Why use our proofreading English texts service?

Lack of linguisitc error

Proofreading substantially reduces the risk that linguistic errors resulting from insufficient acquaintance with grammar nuances will be found in your text.

Style and tone

In most cases (even in well-written texts), the resulting document will have an improved style which will register correspondingly with its aims, e.g. technical texts have different characteristics than adverts or posts in social media. Proofreading does not change the message and content included in the text, but upgrades its value and professional tone.

Guarantee of comprehension

A proofread text reads more smoothly and is more likely to be remembered, therefore, proofreading will improve the reception by the readership.

Who provides the proofreading of English texts service?

Professional copywriters

We cooperate with professional proofreaders and copywriters who are proficient in English and very familiar with the rules governing the English language.

Highly qualified proofreaders

Highly qualified literary translators and proofreaders of English texts, holding a Master?s degree in English studies or a PhD in literary studies.
Profesjonalna korekta tekstów polskich
eCORRECTOR works with a number of well-known clients and institutions while successfully providing a proofreading English texts service.