How eCORRECTOR have directly helped academic and techinical publishers

Polish science has a lot to offer ? we lead a number of crucial research projects which may shed new light on the present scope of knowledge. Unfortunately, language barriers and a relatively low percentage of Polish researchers publishing in English hinder the process of gaining recognition abroad. In order to support the internationalisation of science, eCORRECTOR prepared an offer of translating and proofreading addressed at publication editors and journals.

Proofreading scientific articles for publication is our speciality ? we have successfully translated and proofread several hundred scientific papers in a variety of journals and monographs. We are also the recommended proofreader for the Ginekologia Polska journal and are in constant touch with authors writing for the Via Medica Group. Our experience also encompasses the lasting cooperation with the Scientific Journals of Szczecin Maritime Academy.

Our policy is to entrust proofreading jobs only to qualified native speakers of the target language with rich experience in text editing and a PhD or its equivalent in the area close to the one touched upon in a given publication.

eCORRECTOR is happy to support you on every stage of preparing your publication:

  • Our team of experienced translators can translate your text into English, preserving the ideas and reflecting the content in a professional mannerWe may proofread the papers before they are reviewed, check every comma and vocabulary item, just as we do within our specialist proofreading offer under supervision of the Proofreading Manager, Mark Hunt, PhD
  • we will help you insert corrections suggested by reviewers and reply to their comment
  • our proofreaders can check the copy before it goes to print, e.g. in PDF format
  • eCORRECTOR may also help you prepare guidelines for authors in the form of clear and comprehensive instructions

Our offer reached also fields indirectly related to science. We helped to prepare translations and proofread texts promoting the Malbork Castle and took part in a project led by the Instytut Łukasiewicza. The Tetex Technical Textiles Magazine is also our long-term partner!

What our offer guarantees?

  • The entire volume is linguistically correct, with the language elevated to the academic level
  • Science is checked by professionals, who often review for prestigious international journals and know all the tricks of the trade
  • The content is comprehensible and free from cultural inaccuracies, which is guaranteed by cooperating with native speakers
  • Individual terms of cooperation ? we select a team of proofreaders matching the scope of the publication and adjust to your deadlines


We are confident that this offer will elevate your publication to the highest level. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or the expert chat!

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