June: A record-breaking month at eCORRECTOR!

June is the start of summer when people look forward to their holidays as the days grow hotter and hotter. This month at eCORRECTOR was particularly hot, not only due to thermometer reading. This month?s statistics for translation and proofreading show that eCORRECTOR experienced rapid growth attracting an increasing number of scientists as well as new and returning business clients.

It is a great pleasure to work with such a strong and reliable network of translators and proofreaders. Our growing network means we can gain strength and undertake increasingly complex tasks. The majority of the specialists in translation and proofreading that we work with hold advanced qualifications in their field, extensive experience and take tremendous care that the tasks are completed to the highest standard. One of the keys to our recent growth is the special attention we place on quality control. We ensure the most appropriate translator or proofreader is well suited to the job. In addition, many of the texts are reviewed by a second qualified person before being sent to the client.

June gave us the opportunity to manage over 200 translation and proofreading jobs. All jobs are carefully processed to ensure deadlines agreed with the client are observed and are careful managed by the team at eCORRECTOR. This month we have handled business translations involving over 25 languages spoken across the world. The tasks entrusted to us involved working with native speaker translators for translations into Chinese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian or Dutch.  We feel especially honoured to have worked with some of the leaders in technology to help them to achieve their global ambitions.

Another of our strength?s at eCORRECTOR is proofreading manuscripts intended for publication by leading academics. In June we proofread over 60 scientific manuscripts from a variety of fields, including biomedical science, clinical studies, engineering, botany, and physics. Proofreading is done exclusively by native speakers of the target language, which for academic manuscripts in most cases is English. We have a rapidly growing network of expert proofreaders, often practicing scientists from the field of genetics, oncology, endocrinology, botany, environmental science, chemical engineering, to name but a few. All our expert proofreaders hold a PhD or are qualified Doctors of Medicine which means that they fully understand the terminology used. To ensure we maintain a high standard of excellence manuscripts are reviewed by a second native speaker of English

We thank all the academics and business clients who have used our service this month and we look forward to continued cooperation. Thank you!

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