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Have you got an important presentation coming up? Do you want to practice and get feedback from a native speaker who understands your research? Look no further! Our native speakers, who are active researchers and PhD holders, can help!

Instant feedback

No more mispronounced words!

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High-quality language services to academics

We specialise in providing high-quality language services to academics, and now we are pleased to extend our offering to include the opportunity to consult with professional native speakers.

Our consultations aim to enable academics to communicate effectively in English, which is crucial in today’s global research environment. Our teams are made up of experienced native speakers who have an in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the language in a scientific context and understand the challenges researchers may face when publishing articles in high-profile journals, giving presentations or participating in international conferences.

Our native speakers are active researchers from:

This service includes:

Proofreading and Editing of Scientific Texts

Our native speakers will help you improve grammar, style and sentence structure in articles, papers, dissertations and other scientific texts, ensuring that your work is clear and understandable to an international audience.

Preparation for Scientific Presentations

We can help you prepare your presentations, adapt your speech and content to an English-speaking audience, making your message effective and attention-grabbing. Improve pronunciation, clarity, and get important feedback before the big day!

Individual Lessons and Conversations

We offer one-to-one sessions where researchers can improve their communication skills through conversations and discussions on a variety of topics with our native speakers.

Application and Scholarship Writing Support

Our teams assist with the formulation and editing of applications, grants and other documents requiring fluent English.


Our consultations are conducted in a professional, confidential and focused manner. We aim to support your success in the international scientific environment by improving your language skills.

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