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A new academic year has just started! If you are a grant manager or have grant funds that you want to use for future proofreading for the forthcoming year, eCORRECTOR has the perfect solution ? scientific packages!

We provide proofreading and editing packages that you can purchase in advance and use for your future papers. This way you don?t need to worry about language editing in 2021. Proofreading and editing also work out cheaper when purchased as a package.

Our scientific editor, Dr hab. Mark Hunt ? as a native English speaker, reviewer, an author and editor ? is involved in recruiting some of the best PhD editors and proofreaders. All of them hold PhD?s or equivalent degrees (e.g., Doctor of Medicine) mainly from universities in the USA and UK. Many are active research scientists who continue to publish their work in international journals. We provide expertise in all academic areas, including biomedical science, clinical studies, chemistry, engineering, ecology, and humanities. Recently, we have extended our proofreading and editing services to consider LaTeX files. For further information see this short video which introduces some of our proofreaders, their research expertise, and also their hobbies.

Scientific packages at eCORRECTOR are divided into two types of services: PhD editing and PhD proofreading. Authors receive a track changes version showing where the changes have been made. In many manuscripts comments are also introduced where the meaning of sentences is unclear or where there are potential scientific issues relating to the text. These are intended to help strengthen the paper before submitting it.

PhD editing

involves substantive editing, rephrasing awkward sounding sentences for flow and scientific clarity, and for manuscripts where most sentences need changes. This service is recommended for authors who are less confident in English or where reviewers have recommended major language changes.

PhD proofreading

involves correcting minor linguistic mistakes (e.g., typos, missing articles, some rephrasing etc.).  It improves already well-written manuscripts being at the end stage of the submission process. It is also recommended where reviewers have recommended minor language changes.

We offer three types of packages for each service, depending on the number of words.

STANDARD package contains 5000 words;

PREMIUM ? 10,000 words;

and VIP ? 50,000 words.

Furthermore, the VIP package includes a free-of-charge check of your cover letter that is an essential part of every submission as a decisive element in accepting the paper.

If you are interested in using our service, there are two options for ordering the package. You can order directly via our website where you will find a detailed description, prices, and online payment possibility. If you would like to get an invoice for your university/institute, please feel free to contact us at

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