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Common access to knowledge resulting from the advent of modern means of communication as well as the internationalisation of scientific achievements stimulates the academic community to present its findings to a wider audience. Words of encouragement to publish in international journals, leave the national safety zone are heard everywhere. Cases of international scientific cooperation are more and more frequent ? they are often triggered by inspiring publications or texts regarding the area of activity of a given institution. To enter the international stage a translated text is not enough, one has to hold a proper background.

Why it is beneficial to try specialist proofreading by a native speaker?

High quality

A text after specialist proofreading by a native speaker gains exceptionally high quality and a professional manner of presenting its content.

Preservation of goals

Exact reflection of the article assumptions as well as preservation of publication goals are guaranteed.

Linguistic naturalness

Proofreading ensures linguistic naturalness; it makes the text comfortable to read and upgrades its marks.

Requirement of publishers

Specialist proofreading by a native speaker is a frequent requirement of publishers and reviewers.

A frequent requirement of editors and reviewers is the submission of an additional document confirming the completion of specialist proofreading by a native speaker. It may seem excessive, but it?s justifiable ? devotion to the highest quality of global science cannot be compromised. Following this path of thinking, resorting to specialist proofreading by a native speaker, a practitioner and a specialist, is worth the effort. However, not each native speaker can proofread scientific publications; research history and directional education are of extreme importance here. Only such a foundation can ensure professional proofreading of a scientific publication regarding journal specificity, sector and editing requirements different for each editor. Moreover, such proofreading makes it possible to adjust the text to linguistic correctness standards of even the most complex text. Who can satisfy them better than a native speaker well-versed in the area of reviewing publications?

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Who handles specialist proofreading jobs?

Qualified specialists

We cooperate with native speakers ? qualified specialists in their respective fields, holding PhD titles.

Selected Speakers

Native speakers are selected to each text individually ? before assigning a proofreading task to a given specialist, its ideas, field and goal are considered.


Native speakers who handle specialist proofreading are experienced in publishing abroad; consequently, they are closely acquainted with the course of preparing a text for publication.

Which texts should be submitted to specialist proofreading by a native speaker?

Articles for publication

Articles for publication, especially addressed at journals from the Philadelphia List, which have strict rules regarding published papers.

Special Topics

Texts touching upon issues within a small area of expertise, discussing specialist matters or employing advanced terminology.

Scientific publications

All scientific publications dedicated to a wider audience ? academics, organisations, companies, sector-specific institutions.

eCORRECTOR offers the service of specialist proofreading by a native speaker to help you present your academic achievements to the international audience in a successful manner. We want to contribute to the development of your field of expertise. To each task, we assign a native speaker with just the right content-based knowledge and linguistic workshop. We also provide a document confirming the completion of specialist proofreading by a native speaker procedures, thereby claiming that the text satisfies all norms of linguistic correctness.

Specialist proofreading by a native speaker as a service offered by eCORRECTOR guarantees that the text will meet all expectations regarding content-based and linguistic standards. We also enclose a relevant written confirmation of the completion of specialist proofreading by a native speaker procedures

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Native speakers cooperating with eCORRECTOR completed several hundred of scientific proofreading jobs. The texts handled have been successfully published in journals such as: