The latest edition of TETEX magazine edits and proofread by eCORRECTOR

We have the pleasure to announce that the latest new edition of TETEX, a European Technical Textiles magazine, has been edited and proofread by eCORRECTOR.

The bilingual translators at eCORRECTOR have translated a number of the articles from the original Polish edition of the magazine into English. As well as translating the advanced technical terminology used in many of the articles our translators properly localized the text to an English speaking audience. eCORRECTOR also was involved in the copywriting of several of the articles contained in the magazine as well as editing the English for clarity of content.

TETEX ? the European Technical Textile magazine provides a reliable source of information about news from the world of technical textiles. TETEX is a growing publication and each new issue gains new readership. Below you can find the latest edition, which is dedicated to the winter season, or to be more specific how to enjoy yourself outdoors until spring.

For further information about the publication please contact or visit TETEX website  or for information about how eCORRECTOR can help with your publication please contact

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