Translating medical documentation

Medical services are obliged to keep detailed and thorough medical documentation for each treated case, so that it is possible to accurately diagnose a given illness and closely monitor efficiency of treatment. Even a seemingly minor detail may alter treatment to a more beneficial one if it is recorded appropriately. Our contemporary world enables us to access medical services all over the globe, e.g. during business trips or vacation. Common ailments such as a cough or slight fever do not normally require access to a full medical history, but access is essential in more serious situations.
Translating medical documentation

Which kind of documents are suitable for our translating medical documentation service?

Medical documents

Discharge documents, patient?s file, medical history, referrals, leaves, medical or psychological reports.


MRI, ECG, EEG, USG results and other examination forms.


Clinical research documentation ? clinical research protocol, investigator?s brochure, patient?s journals, informed consent form.


Manuals for operating medical and diagnostic equipment, research kits.

Translating medical documentation

It is possible to continue treatment in foreign facilities that provide innovative cures or advanced surgeries and medical procedures. Therefore, it is essential to establish contact with professional translators for translating biomedical documentation so as to provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Continuing treatment abroad

Translating medical documentation is an integral part of an efficient therapy if it is to be continued abroad. Of course, not all MDs are fluent in foreign languages and, consequently, the equivalent specialist terminology. Therefore, it is vital that examination results, diagnosis and complete medical/treatment history are provided in a form comprehensible to a given leading practitioner.

eCORRECTOR provides a professional translating medical documentation service carried out by doctors of medicine operating within specific fields, who also possess advanced language skills. Translation by medical specialists working in a particular area guarantees that the resulting documentation will be professional and accurate. Translating medical documentation into a language comprehensible to a given MD beforehand will make it possible to receive the correct treatment as soon as possible.

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Who are our translators?

Doctor of medicine

We cooperate with specialists holding a doctor of medicine title, expert discipline-specific knowledge and advanced language skills.

Sworn translators

If a given document requires an official translation, we can provide sworn translations by specialists in medicine.

Respect to quality and accuracy

The entire course of a translation is closely monitored with respect to quality and accuracy of content.

Aleksander Kozak, MD | biomedical translations manager

Aleksander Kozak, MD

biomedical translations manager

Collegium Medicum graduate (Jagiellonian University) and participant of training programmes in the USA, India and Russia. Holds extensive experience of 4 years in translating medical papers. Develops own research activity. Proficient speaker of English, German and Russian.

Why is translating medical documentation carried out by specialists?

Efficient treatment

Incorrect or carelessly translated medical results may lead to erroneous diagnosis and, consequently, unsuccessful treatment.

Content-based standards

Often medical documents follow certain formal and content-based standards, known well only to practitioners.

Advanced terminology

The language of medical documentation is characterised by complex terminology, therefore requires a specialist to translate it ? this jargon is bread and butter for our partner translators.
Our service of translating medical documentation has already been used successfully by clinics, MDs, scientists, institutes and biomedical companies: