Translation challenge with tens of languages? On it!

eCORRECTOR is a rapidly growing company that provides translation and proofreading services. eCORRECTOR uses our wide network of specialists and experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language. We provide a high standard of service as well as exercise quality control to maintain and further improve the standard of our service. One of the hallmarks of our high quality and strong customer care can be seen by the large number of returning clients, for both science and business. We have recently successfully completed a project related to translation into 17 languages of a protective clothing manual commissioned by one of the leaders in the sector. It involved coordination of work across four continents.

eCORRECTOR has a proven track record of providing translations even for the most challenging and complex of texts. The goal of all our translations is to provide a translated text that reads naturally to the target audience. This is achieved most effectively by cooperating with a native speaker trained in translation. We believe that such a text will enable our customers to achieve the assumed goal. English as a source language opens up endless possibilities, so we are able to provide translation performed by native speakers of all languages of the world.

We are able to provide this service due to the experienced and varied backgrounds of our translators. The majority of our translators also have advanced professional qualifications in translation as well as extensive experience dealing with the simplest or most technical of texts. Let us assure you that what you receive, the translation performed by native speakers, is grammatically correct, properly localised to the target audience, and written in a way that is easily understandable to the readership. We frequently carry out quality control checks of our translations, and texts for proofreading. Therefore, we ask another experienced translator or proofreader to review the translation in question. This confirms that eCORRECTOR maintains a high standard of excellence and clients can have full confidence that their text will be immediately ready for use.

If you would like to hear more about the translation or proofreading services provided by eCORRECTOR please contact us directly by telephone (provided at the bottom of the page) or email (

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