Translation and Proofreading of PDF Documents

Due to increasing demand from our customers eCORRECTOR now provides a translation and proofreading service directly in PDF format. Many of our translators and proofreaders use PDF editing software which ensures the original layout of a particular article in conserved in the final version. PDF files are commonly converted into Word for ease of translation and proofreading (particularly if track-changes are required). However, this method frequently creates serious problems with the final format and layout of the text in particular where graphics are used.

Two ways of handling a PDF file

While using an editor, we can access deep layers of the file and copy the text to, e.g., MS Word in order to translate or proofread the text via proper tools. After the highest quality is achieved, we can paste the content back to the text box in our PDF file. This is, however, a more time consuming and costly method.

Edytor PDF pozwala na ingerencję w warstwy tekstowe dokumentu

A PDF editor allows us to modify deeper layers of the document

Advanced editors give similar possibilities of direct text editing to those offered by programmes such as MS Word. Applying certain solutions allows us to easily spot typos or punctuation errors, along with doing much more at one go!

At the translation stage, it is possible to modify the text bar to present the text within the previously prepared layout (e.g. make the text area bigger, smaller or of a different shape). While proofreading, it is possible to fix all arrangements in just a few clicks.

A translator or proofreader using a PDF editor can also modify the text within a picture, photo or graph, usually not possible after converting the PDF to a different format.

What is the final effect of working in a PDF editor?

The result is a perfect ready-to-go document! There are some obvious modifications stemming from language differences (e.g. German words are usually longer compounds, while English is more compact), but the customer receives a document retaining the carefully designed layout. It is particularly important for those of our customers who want to publish magazines, flyers or catalogues. The layout is key here!

eCORRECTOR is also able to handle other ?difficult to handle formats?, such as InCopy, HTML, PPT, Excel or LaTex files. Please contact us for further information.


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